7 May 2019

Microsoft Edge Overhauled (Video)

Unsatisfied with innovations, Microsoft is now at the edge of its new browser Edge. 

With the May update of Windows 10, the software industry giant, which will bring unprecedented innovations to the desktop operating system, has been working on a new browser called Edge Chromium for some time. Today, Microsoft has released a highly acclaimed video demonstrating what the new browser can do.

The most prominent innovation seems to be Internet Explorer support. Internet Explorer comes in the Edge Chromium web browser by default, to successfully open older websites.

Joe Belfiore, who serves as Vice President of Microsoft's Experience and Devices Department,  says, ile We're planning to put something unprecedented on the business we're doing, Yap saying Edge Chromium will be the most successful Internet browser ever.

The currently available Microsoft Edge internet browser could only open Internet Explorer 11 as if it were running a new program. Edge Chromium handles it in its own right and offers web sites to the end user without notice. In order to understand which internet browser is currently used actively, a logo is placed on the left edge of the address bar.

Users will hardly ever bother to get text and photos from a website. With the new Edge Chromium, just drag the photos to the tab. The possibility of transferring the draft you create to a Word or Excel file with one click is also available to Microsoft.

The technology giant, which has made improvements in the privacy field, wants the users to choose how much they want to hide in the Edge Chromium web browser and intervenes in the background in this direction. With hidden mode, it is no longer possible to track users in any way.

There is no clear information about when Microsoft is going to release new features, but if you want to have these features as soon as it is released, it is recommended that you download the Edge Canary web browser (the Edge browser, where new features have been tested).

Microsoft Edge
Source : https://www.webtekno.com/microsoft-edge-bastan-asagiya-yenileniyor-video-h68158.html
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