5 May 2019

Blizzard has Great Plans for the Overwatch Universe

It was announced that the behind-the-scenes stage for breathtaking moments in Overwatch will not be cut back.

After the exit on May 24, 2016, which attracted great attention for a while and attracted the biggest player in the e-sports world, Overwatch has not been able to find its place in the agenda recently. The developer of the game, Activision Blizzard, however, wants to change this with his big plans.

Last week, Blizzard's boss, J Allen Brack, talked to investors in a ece call for earnings ve speech, saying that in  the last quarter of last year we had great ambitions for the universe of Overwatch and how they could develop over time. and we continue to dedicate our attention to the development of Overwatch, so we are expanding the community and privilege of the game over time . "

In his speech, between 2019 and 2020; He added that new characters, maps, and experiences will continue to be added to Overwatch, and that while continuing to develop Overwatch, they are on another important business. The players, however, have come up with the idea that a new Overwatch game might be coming.

Source : https://www.webtekno.com/overwatch-evreni-icin-blizzard-in-buyuk-planlari-var-h68100.html
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