3 June 2019

New Apex Legends Mode

A new mode comes to the Apex Legends this week, but it's not a model that anyone can access. That's because if you want to access fashion, you'll be a winner or at least be close to winning. This is called cular Apex Elite Queue yarışma and can only be used for players who are able to find themselves continuously in the first five winners in a match. If you match this bill, you will be able to play the best match against other players with the same caliber.

Apex Elite Queue is said to have appeared not long ago by Respawn Entertainment and released on June 4th according to the studio. The special tail for the winners is added as part of the two-week ”Legendary Hunting“ event. Other parts of the Legendary Hunt described by Respawn will last for two weeks throughout the event, so it seems to be temporary.

Apex Elite Queue

Test yourself against the best with the Apex Elite queue. Enter the top 5 in any match and go through a selection row filled with other Top 5 winners.
Here's how to capture: you'll have to keep going to the top 5 to continue playing next.

The Apex Elite Queue doesn't have a specific prize attached to winning games - at least it's any prize so far - so it seems that your boasting rights will be your motivation to go and stay in the exclusive rotation. Since ready teams are the key to winning coordination and will be the key to winning, they'll probably be the best here, so if you find yourself in an Elite Queue, expect to see many other ready-made manga.

Until March, clues related to a graded mode collected data from the game's files. Respawn warned me not to look too far into these data mines in the past, and said that they often stay in files that have never come to the Apex Legends, perhaps this Apex Elite Queue is a preview of what will happen. Still, it can be a competitive, limited-term event.

Respawn also explained more about Season 2's plans for the battle pass and the skins we will see this season.

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Source : https://comicbook.com/gaming/2019/06/02/new-apex-legends-mode-only-be-for-best-players/
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