7 June 2019

Google Stadia's First Game Announced

Today we officially announced pricing, release dates and library launch games during the live broadcast of Google Stadia. Some great titles appear, but Google took the game for a while and showed Stadia for a while, and by 2020 it was the platform's first special future.

Fill is a multiplayer game that brings back memories of hits like "ridiculous physics" and is overcooked. The game is centered between different maps to help relocate moving objects "citizens of Ditchlington".

The first special Google Stadia known for this is interesting, which is packed. Although a firm's start date is not known at this point, it is expected to arrive on a platform called Get Packaged in 2020, developed by Moonshine Studios and Coatsink. After the release of the game will be exclusive to Google Stadia for 6 months.

Get-pack is a seat set for physics-based carnage filled with disaster and 1-4 players. Inspired by crazy entertainment and crazy animals in an overcooked style of inspiration, elastic physics can move as fast as possible and help Ditchlington citizens lift rubber tips.


google stadia
Source : https://9to5google.com/2019/06/06/get-packed-google-stadia-exclusive/
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