9 June 2019

The Division 2 Epic Games Store Half price until Thursday

Probably the lowest price you'll see in a while.

A 33% sale in The Division 2 and the chance to earn an extra $ 10/10 discount at the Epic Games Store, you can now buy Ubisoft's aim shooter for half the price or $ 30.19 / 24.49.

Ubisoft's own store is $ 40.19 / $ 34.49 with a 33% discount, but Epic is also available in the Epic Games Store, where it receives a $ 10 / £ 10 discount on most purchases by Thursday 13 June. Sales in both stores will continue until June 24th.

Discounts are available for all editions, but because there is a lower rate of total cost of the $ 10 / $ 10 Gold and Final editions, you won't get these versions for half the price.

Only 33% off, the biggest PC price reduction since The Division 2 was launched earlier this year. Console owners now get a 40% discount, but the extra Epic discount means that this is the lowest price. The Division 2 is up to now and probably for a while.

Here you can read Samuel's review: he described it as "a packed, rewarding and often exciting loot shooter" and Ubisoft is constantly updating to do new things.

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Source : https://www.pcgamer.com/the-division-2-is-half-price-on-the-epic-games-store-until-thursday/
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