16 June 2019

PUBG Comes with a New Update to Consolidate Weapon Extensions Automatically in Consoles

PUBG Corporation announced on June 27 that it will release a patch for consoles.
PUBG Corporation, which announced that it will focus more on the innovations required by the community in the patch that will be published, said it will make changes in Gunship and map marking systems. We have listed the changes that the patch will bring for you below.

Silah Ustalığı

  • A new progress system where you can win unique, great and free rewards.
  • A new challenge where players can increase their weapon capabilities
Tactical markers


  • There will now be 6 different signs on the map that you can use depending on the situation.
Equalization of a second item for Erangel

  • AR, DMR and SR weapons will appear more.
  • Featured map will be Sanhok not Erangel with the June update.
Balancing of goods

  • Especially the SR, AR, DMR and SR weapons will appear more.
  • Blue area adjustment
Auto equipment collection

  • We know that playing with a controller can sometimes be difficult to deal with weapon add-ons, and that some players avoid fighting early in the game.
  • To solve this problem, we're adding an auto equipment collection system that will automatically pick up the equipment you need for the game. This will shorten the time you spend in your inventory and fight for increased time.
Control Chart C

  • Just like our auto equipment collection, we're working on solutions that make it easy to play the game.
  • We understand that using the analog keys to bend on your controller can sometimes adversely affect your aiming and movement ability.
  • That's why we create a new control scheme that assigns the tilt function to the L1-R1 / LT-RT keys on the back instead of the analog keys.

For now, patch notes are shared. More detailed information about the patch will also be shared later. Stay tuned to be instantly informed of this information.

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