10 June 2019

Huawei's Facebook application is expected to have little effect from the boot ban

The Facebook movement will ensure that not all applications, including Instagram and WhatsApp, are pre-installed on future Huawei smartphones.

Chinese smartphone giant Huawei, which is currently fighting the US trade ban, has also been closed by Facebook to comply with sanctions, but experts believe that the social networking giant's movement will have no alarming effects on the smartphone player.

Aksine Unlike Google, Facebook has taken a different approach to the US export ban. Facebook App suspends the pre-installation of Huawei smartphones, Endüstri said Prabhu Ram, Industrial Intelligence Group President (IIG), CyberMedia Research (CMR).

The Facebook movement will ensure that not all applications, including Instagram and WhatsApp, are pre-installed on future Huawei smartphones.

Aksine Unlike others' previous decisions, the Facebook decision has no serious or worrying impact on either Huawei or its consumers, Ram Ram said.

“Consumers can still install apps through the Google Play Store,” he said.

Based on a similar view, tech ARC Analyst Faysal Kawoosa, a market research firm, told IANS: “This will be the least important thing and won't be noticed.

“In most cases, even if such applications are preinstalled, they connect to the Play Store to get the latest version because there is a delay between burning the application before it is shipped and the date a user starts using it.”

However, the overall impact of the US trade ban on Huawei is likely to affect global smartphone shipments.

Singapore-based market research company Canalys has reduced global smartphone shipments by 3.1 percent after the Huawei ban.

The search engine giant called for exemption from the export ban for reasons that could be bad for the technology industry.

Google fears that the export ban will rival US-made Operating Systems (OS), which will harm the monopoly of search engine giant Android.

In particular, Google announced last month that it wants to work with Huawei over the next 90 days and that trade restrictions have been temporarily facilitated in the world's second largest smartphone manufacturer.

Varsay Assuming that the US and China were able to achieve a level of play and trade understanding, including Huawei before the end of the next 90-day period this year, Huawei's future will be bright. However, if there is no US-China agreement, it means that Huawei must continue to have full steam in life beyond US technology. ”

Huawei is intensely testing its operating system, called “HongMeng OS China for the Chinese market or“ Oak OS deniz for the overseas market, and will not be released from August until September, China Global Times said on Friday.

Imagine a new operating system and a new application ecosystem. Gaining consumer acceptance in global markets. Unlike ZTE, Huawei will point out that major American technology companies will lose on the smartphone base of the largest second-hand device manufacturer in the world if it fails and does not fold and rebuild itself. This is a long order, but it is not impossible, Ram Ram said.

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Source : https://www.bgr.in/news/huawei-likely-to-have-little-impact-from-facebook-app-pre-install-ban/
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