11 June 2019

iPhone 11's Latest Design Disappoints

Recently, more images of the iPhone 11 design have been revealed. Since there is no change in the design, the response from the users is expected to grow.
Apple fans produced a theory after the avalanche of negative criticisms with the emergence of new iPhone designs. Fans thought the phone wouldn't look so bad when they took the new iPhone in their hands, but the latest images were a lie.

Technology designer Ben Geskin, who examines the resulting detailed diagrams and extraordinary rendering, created physical models for the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max. Apple's new flagships at hand did not make the fans happy.

Geskin, who asks the question Have you got used to the design? Ken is one of the bad comments that came under the question. It is worth mentioning that the majority of the 900 answers that come under the problem are negative.

Of course, these answers include funny answers. One of the responses that received the highest interaction was “A terrible design… It also looks very interesting en and one of the most admired answers was“ If Steve Jobs had lived, he would have fired everyone ”.

Apple's choice of camera stands out as much as everyone does not like. Apple, the iPhone 11 for the first time, a statement that excited fans when he mentioned. After the company's announcement that it would make a gigantic improvement in the sensors, the fans were extremely happy, but no Apple fan thought the size was meant by ‘huge’.

When we look at the camera's other changes, the new flagship is expected to develop a large battery. The technology giant is also planning to abandon its class-leading 3D Touch technology this year and use Touch ID technology that can be detected on the whole screen. In addition to all these, notch design, which decided to continue Apple, notching from the notch screen to go through the way of competitors continue.

iphone 11
Source : https://www.webtekno.com/iphone-11-in-ortaya-cikan-son-tasarimi-da-hayal-kirikligina-ugratti-h70159.html
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