6 May 2019

Apple's Influence on Battery

As a result of the tests, it was concluded that Apple's usage periods did not reflect the truth.
Technology giants always offer an even longer battery life when introducing their new smartphone. These usage times, which are extremely pleasing to users, generally end with the device reaching the end user and only one day. An active defense group that really put a head on this subject has tested Apple's phones.

The UK-based group has undergone nine testing of full iPhone models. As a result of tests with different scenarios, the results are deplorable. Apple's service life between 18% and 51% of the emergence of an exaggeration between the Apple users seem to upset.

In particular, Apple's full charge of 25 hours of use as a result of the test with the iPhone XR, but lasting 16 hours 32 minutes, Apple's 51 percent of this value is exaggerating. Although the device has low screen resolution and is more price / performance oriented, getting such a result creates question marks in the heads.

Apple's explanation on the subject was quick. " We rigorously test our products and battery life we stand behind our claim"  that form of explanation Silicon Valley giant companies, the words " Hardware and successful compatibility with the iPhone we've created in software, battery life, power usage to maximize the level is designed to intelligently manages" he said.

In addition, the same group, recently, HTC, Sony, Samsung, Nokia and similar smartphone manufacturers have examined the products and had reached similar results with our article Apple.

Source : https://www.webtekno.com/apple-in-batarya-hakkinda-verdigi-bilgileri-sisirdigi-ortaya-cikti-h68094.html
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