5 July 2019

A Case Manufacturer Shares the Ultimate Design of the iPhone 11

iPhone XR and Galaxy S10 devices, such as the design, devices before revealing the Ghostek, the iPhone 11 has approved the design.

So far, the iPhone 11 leaks, Apple's new palace jewelry will not please Apple users brought criticism. The latest information from reliable sources unfortunately confirms these leaks.

We have already shared similar designs from different sources about the design of the phone. Ghostek, the popular smartphone case manufacturer, said that the design of the iPhone 11 has been approved by highly trusted sources and has begun to produce cases for its new flagship. In addition, Ghostek shared the three-dimensional visuals of the iPhone 11 cases, revealing the design of both the cases and the iPhone 11.

The first case designed by Ghostek for the iPhone 11 is the Atomic Slim3, a durable aluminum case. What's more, the visuals have revealed what the device will look like.

The images confirm the triangular lenses placed on the rear square area, revealing a thick frame around the phone.

If we think that Ghostek also introduced the designs of the iPhone XR introduced last year and the Galaxy S10 introduced this year, we can say that you can rely on these case designs.

phone case
iphone 11
Source : https://www.webtekno.com/bir-kilif-ureticisi-iphone-11-in-nihai-tasarimini-paylasti-h71841.html
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