7 May 2019

Google Announces the First Official Features of Android Q

Android Q is the 10th edition of Android, which has 2.5 billion active users worldwide. Google, in the I / O 2019 event, introduces new and ambitious features for the most widely used operating system of all time. Let's take a close look at each other.
The features of Android Q appeared in Google's I / O 2019 event. For some time, Google has built on the features of the rumor boiler's source for the operating system. 

Without further ado, let's go to these features.

So 2019 comes,

Android Q will be available on some Android devices by the end of this year. New Pixel devices will be introduced in August, and the future operating system will be available as an update to the flagships of today.

Dark Mode:

Android Q is a feature that has been waiting for users for a long time, the future of dark mode has been finalized. Google will make the final touches in dark mode in beta, and Android Q will have a black interface.

5G compatibility:

Google did not open his mouth in this regard, but gave the signals of developing an operating system compatible with the 5G revolution. This shows that the Android Q will make a difference in the flagships next year. 

Live subtitle without internet:

Google is making Android the center of instant subtitle creation technology. Even if your device is not connected to the internet, you can automatically add subtitles to videos. Not only for YouTube videos, but also for conversations in the videos you make, it turns sounds into subtitles, live and instant. 

Smart Answering (Smart Replies):

The intelligent answering system will be one of the most practical features of Android Q. For example, a friend says, "Should we meet at Taksim Square in the evening?" message, you will see some buttons in the message notification. These buttons will direct you to the Maps application to draw a route to Taksim Square. Moreover, since there is a meeting offer in the message, you will be able to give answers such as "Be" or "No, I can't come" automatically. 

Location privacy:

We were expecting Android Q to be an operating system where Google enlarged its privacy policies. Location privacy features also confirmed this expectation. You will now be able to see applications that use your location information in notifications. You will be able to prevent applications from retrieving your location information while running in the background. 

In addition to all this, Google Maps can also be used to hide location features, such as the hidden tab feature in Google Chrome. 

Android 3 beta version of Q was deployed:

Android Q Beta 3 has been announced for distribution of 21 broadcasters of 12 different manufacturers. For Android P last year this figure was less than half. This shows that the operating system can be more stable. 

Google also announced that it will offer security update service for 3 years with Android Q.

Stay tuned, we'll continue to transfer the latest news about Android Q.

Google I / O 2019
Source : https://www.webtekno.com/google-android-q-nun-ilk-resmi-ozelliklerini-duyurdu-h68220.html
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