2 June 2019

One Reddit's Macbook Pro Exploded During Daily Use

Macbook Pro, one of Apple's most up-to-date laptops, has exploded. 

A Macbook Pro, which belongs to a musician named White Panda and was in use during the day, exploded at the end of last week. White Panda's Twitter post, which managed to shoot a video about 2 minutes after the explosion of the Macbook, was taken to Reddit.

White Panda said, “It was really like someone was throwing a smoke bomb inside. Suddenly every place was under the smoke. "White smoke came out of his computer that he saw his device on the floor immediately lifts and says the Pann.

Within a few seconds of placing the device on the ground, the smoke is increasing and even observing that the Macbook Pro has seen a flame. Panda at this time, adding that his wife and dog at home, no one was injured but at home property damage occurred, he said.

When he visited the nearest Apple Store following the explosion, the owner of the Macbook was informed by the authorities there that the device had to remain in a flameproof case for 24 hours; Apple Store is working on the problem, Macbook Pro probably would go to Apple's Cupertino base and will receive a return within 5 days, he said.


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Source : https://www.webtekno.com/macbook-pro-normal-kullanimda-patladi-h69671.html
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